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Some of our shows in pictures gallery
Revolutions - 30'th anniversary of sci-fi club HELION - lasershow

In 19 of March 2010 the SF Club HELION from Timisoara celebrate his 30'th anniversary by a lasershow. The Capitol Hall of Philarmonic Banatul, Timisoara was the host of this event.

Product launched by Sanofi Aventis (2010)

The french consortium launch a new product on the pharmaceutical market. That was the motivation to create a lasershow event.


MECIPT 1 - 50 years (1961-2011)

The 50'th anniversary of the first Romanian Universitarian  computer, made in the early 60 years is the opportunity to celebrate with a 45 minutes lasershow in a Amphytheatre of Politechnic University of Timisoara.



Tomorrowland PROVISION

A private party for a corporate event give us the opportunity to combine music party with lasershows.



Lumina- Stepan Project musical show 

The launch of the musical album called Lumina - The Light, by Stepan Project group. It was  a show which combine methaphory and symbolism in laser animation. The show „Lumina” add all arts; ballet coregraphy, film, photography and laser animations over the music of Ilie Stepan and performed by his prestigious band. 




Art Safari, Pro Musica  - building projections, commercials lasershow on open air

The lasers is projected on buildings, in open space.       One  project  is  made for  Art  Safari  in 2014  projected  on  the  Art  Museum  Bucharest,  and  other   for   the  41'th  anniversary   show   of Romanian rock  group  Pro Musica. The last was a succes  with  sold  out,  the organizers knew how to exploit  all  the  advantages  of  a  good media presentation.

Rock & laser show at Daos Club - 5.07.2013

Live music showtime and laser animations. 





Romcon 2012 -lasershow 

The anual Conmvention of Sci-Fi Clubs from Romania was coloured by a 40 minutes open-air lasershow, on science-fiction themes. 







Book launch by Gheorghe Sasarman

Gheorghe Sasarman writer lanch his Sci-Fi best seller with lasershow technology in Timisoara. ”Squaring the circle” was printed in 4 languages, is evaluated one of best sales book of a Romanian writer across the world.

In Aug. 2013 he launch a new revised edition of ”Cuadratura Cercului” in Timisoara.








Pro Musica 41 -concert 2014 

The anniversary of rock group Pro Musica is celebrated by a high standard concert in 5 oct. 2014. Rubin lasershow help with promotional laser comercials in few location in Timisoara. During the concert 6 pieces was accompanied by lasershows, with special animations.

The DVD of this production was made and launch in May of 2015. 

Thanks to Alin Zelenco for few of the photos used here.







Topul firmelor - Chamber of Commerce Timis 

The award galla Top of the firms from Timis county 2014 was presented by a building projection by our lasers.






International conference in Vukovar, Croatia 

      The conference ”Danube Stories” of the European Associations  from all countries  across the Danube, in Vukovar, Croatia was delighted by 3 lasershows clips in the program, part of the Romanian presentation. Music by Johann Strauss jr., Iosif Ivanovici and Adrian Chifu.

Revolution festival Timisoara, 30-31 May, 2015 

The festival during 2 days, over 100 artist evoluate on 6 stages. The organiser was awarded with the first prize for medium size festivals in 2014.







Cozzmonautica festival
Timisoara,10 nov. 2017

The festival is on 9-th edition, over 10 scientists, artists, writers and researchers exposed and conferenced on this international event. 

ROMCON science fiction national Convention
Resita, 7-9 september 2018

The National SCi-Fi Convention on 39-th edition, at Resita, a industrial (or post-industrial) center of Romanian metalurgy. Scientists, artists, actors, writers and a composer exposed and conferenced on this prestigious national event. 

Indrada, 9-th edition,
2-10 november 2018

The festival include a torrent of an absolute first audition, the most important contemporary composers, invited musicians from the country and abroad, new styles and instruments, new sounds and reinvented spaces, acoustic music and intensive therapies: everything under the title "Combination. Fusion. Unity "at the most futuristic festival, named Intrada -New Music Festival, which takes place between November 2 to 7, 2018, in Timisoara, Romania. 

Festival Mooniverse 1 2019

The anniversary of first human step on other planet took place in Timisoara, organised by Spacers Cultural Association, on 20th July 2019.

The event have a Philatelic launch event, arts exhibitions, musical concerts - electronic music- astronomic observations by telescopes, and other events

The Galactic Imaginarium,
SciFi & Fantastic Film Festival, 24 september 2022

The festival of Science Fiction & Fantastic Films, Dumbravița, Timiș county, Romania. 

A 15 minutes LASER show animation opening, dedicated to SCI-FI films and music.

Entity Party, 17 June 2023

A cultural event in Timisoara, Europe Genesys project, is a oportunity to create a installation with LASERS who project  visuals paterns of artifacts from Turdaș-Vincea Culture, Gethic cultures, Dacians historic period, Arheo-astronomy. 

Projections on ancient walls, for photographic ambiance, on  building at 150-200 m distance.

A 90 minutes LASER show animation, dedicated to this event and music inspired by ancient times, made in colaborations with Spacers- cultural association.

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